Monday, August 20, 2007

Office Space and Covered Bridge ride

The company I work for recently moved to a new office space within the same building. This past Friday I packed up and my laptop, coffee cup and folders and moved from my luxurious 8x8 cell on the 3rd floor to the new 5.5 x 6.5 first floor efficiency in what I thought was a back alley but now that I sit here Monday morning I find that it really is a thoroughfare. Nice little down grade and not to mention that I am separated from the rest of the programmers (So much from cross collaboration between projects). My bike will not fit in the cubical with me and I still haven’t found any available space to put it. The carpeting is new and still has that awful new industrial carpet smell and I don't even have a "Sevie Dog Nose". If my stapler goes missing or I find my desk in the basement… As much as I’m complaining about the new space, I would hate to be in our receptionists shoes. She went from a nice big front desk to a glass top coffee table. That is supposed to change, but I can’t see how they can fit anything in that space.

After the move, I had a headache and wondered if it was due to the carpet smell or was I coming down with some cold. It may have been both, I had stomach problems and felt light headed all Saturday. By Sunday, I still felt sick but good enough to go ride the Covered Bridge Metric Century. As bad as I was feeling I still got to the lunch stop in 1.5 hours and then to the finish in another 1.5 hours. About half way from lunch to the finish a pack of tandems blew by me and I was just able to catch back up to them and “Tandem suck” to the finish. I later found out that the couple ringing the cow bell and waving to the passing riders were Floyd Landis' parents. I always wondered if that ride went past the Landis home as we pass through Farmersville. I did see some Holmes regular customers, in fact I need to give Steve a big “HEEYY STEEVE, HOWS IT GOING???” I ran into Rabbit after the ride but didn’t spot the Monkey and he was supposed to be there too… Damn, no Monkey Tails to give the shop.

Oh yeah thinking of the Monkey, I heard the perfect Geibel radio commercial. I have no idea what they were advertising because I wasn't paying attention until the end when guy #1 says something and then guy #2 responds with "I knew that". I just about crashed my car when I heard that one.

Well, back to work… I need to put the proper headings on those TPS reports…

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